6 Ways to Buy Jewelry at Affordable Prices

Buying jewelry has always been like choosing a lover. We are so fascinated by the idea of love but then again, we realize that in the real world how difficult it is to find true love. Certain ways which might ease the peril in that decision to buy these metallic works of art are given below.

#1. Mostly what happens is that we end up choosing jewelry that has stones affixed to it. They look marvellous but on the other hand, some unscrupulous jewelers weigh the entire piece and charge for it at the price of gold. In case you wish to exchange/sell it back, the stone weight and impurity will happen to get deducted from the total value leaving you with a certain loss. So, while buying jewelry that has stones affixed to them, make sure you get to know the actual weight of the gold or silver separately.

#2. As a customer, one must keep four factors in mind while buying gold jewelry. Measuring the purity of gold, understanding exchange policies, knowing the product warranty, and ensuring a transparent break down of the bill as in separation of the making charges from the actual gold and again from the stones and extra metals which were used in the making of the jewelry.

#3. ‎Buying gold is an investment. The demand for gold is quite high and it isn’t an elite luxury like platinum, which only the cream section of the society can afford. Again, the gold rates keep changing and since the demand doesn’t fluctuate much so it can be trusted enough to invest. Same is the case with diamonds as well.

#4. ‎Unlike gold, platinum cannot be considered as an investment. There are quite a few reasons for that. The first one being that metals having hardness, like that of platinum, requires a high melting point for detailed carvings to be embedded in them. And again, the making charges of platinum is not the same as that of gold or any other metal. This is because it demands a lot from the craftsman to bring out the beauty in a platinum jewelry. And there are only a few people who can do that the right way.

#5. ‎Now let’s talk about jewelry found in street-side stores. Ones that can be bargained, exchanged, gifted and be casually shopped about, without much knowledge or a strong economic stand. In those cases, the seller happens to buy those fancy pieces of jewelry for an unimaginable cheap price. Hence, the existence of bargaining is allowed.

So, make sure you place the minimum possible price on the table on the first try. Like a price that can be laughed about slightly, and then slowly increase the bar little by little following the reaction of the seller and when you get to know you have reached that price where the seller is almost confused, stop there and be stubborn about it. Viola! It’s yours.

#6. ‎Educate yourself about the prices of the metals you are going to buy in the current market before you go for it. Most importantly, learn about the exchange and return policies. It never goes for a waste. And remember that every metal has a market of its own, and the rules and tricks differ accordingly.

Don’t worry, there’s no seventh. May you buy the most beautiful jewelry at apt prices. Happy shopping!

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